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Candela CO2RE laser

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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

The CO2RE by Syneron Candela is a fractional CO2 laser used for skin rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull skin tone and a thinned collagen layer of the face, neck, and chest.  The CO2RE features a unique dual laser wave that can be adjusted to penetrate the skin at both superficial and deep levels simultaneously.

CO2RE treatment is the best treatment if you wish to get the most results with one treatment and have the ability to take some time to heal (usually 7-14 days).  Having this treatment is like having multiple non-invasive treatments at once.   It is the best single treatment for advanced skin damage and wrinkling.  It is also used to treat acne scarring and to improve the appearance of surgical scars and burns.

What is CO2RE?

The CO2RE is the latest generation fractional carbon dioxide laser system allowing resurfacing of the skin by removing layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method. The laser pulses are used to create microscopic holes in the skin.  This precise and controlled damage created by the laser induces the body to initiate natural healing processes, leading to new and healthy skin.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The CO2RE is an in-office procedure that requires pre and post-treatment medications and strict adherence to post-procedure guidelines to ensure proper healing and comfort during the procedure.   Discomfort varies on the depth of the treatment.  For your comfort, we may apply a topical anesthetic or inject a local anesthetic to help reduce discomfort.  Over the counter pain relievers may be taken in the days after the procedure to alleviate any residual discomfort.

What to expect after CO2RE Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing treatment?

Immediately following the procedure you can expect a sensation similar to a sunburn, lasting several hours.  You can expect swelling and peeling of dead skin from the treatment areas.  This is a natural exfoliation process that may last 7-10 days.   Strict adherence to post-operative guidelines is important for optimal healing.  The use of a moisturizer and sunscreen is important during the healing process and for the weeks and months following treatment. You will see a significant improvement within a month that will continue for 4-6 months.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically one CO2RE laser treatment is recommended.  Occasionally, in an area that cannot be treated aggressively, additional treatments might be required.  For more advanced signs of aging, such as deeper wrinkles, or severe skin laxity, two or three treatments may be required to achieve the best result.  Multiple treatments might also be required for the treatment of acne scarring, surgical scarring, or burns.

DEKA SmartXide DOT Fractional CO2 Laser

SmartXide DOT Fractional COLaser Specifications

  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Wavelength: 10.6 µm
  • Power to Tissue: 30 W (max)
  • Scan Area Size: 15 mm x 15 mm (max)
  • Spot Size: 350 µm
  • Scanning Modes: Standard and dot
  • Dwell Time: From 0.2 ms to 2 ms
  • Dots Pitch: From 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm
  • Pulse Energy: Up to 60 mJ (per dot)
  • Repetition Rate: From 5 Hz to 100 Hz
  • Pulse Length: From 0.2 ms to 80 ms
  • Delivery System: 7-mirror articulated arm (Titanium)
  • Aiming Beam: Laser Diode, 3 mW @ 635-670 nm
  • User Interface: LCD Color Touch Screen
  • Electrical: 110 V / 1.8 A (max) / 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 47" x 14" x 9" (120 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm)
  • Weight: 66 lbs. (30 kg)
Fractional CO2 Laser Lutronic eCO2

Lutronic’s eCO2 is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum of resurfacing treatments to your busy practice. You will appreciate how easy to use and reliable the system is while your patients rave about their outcomes.


The eCO2 features the patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™), an algorithm to pseudo-randomly deliver each micro laser beam and by placing maximum distance between sequential beams the system eliminates cross thermal diffusion between adjacent Micro-ablative Columns (MACs).

This allows the tissue to maximize heat dissipation between shots. The result is an increased safety profile with a reduction in post-operative discomfort and faster healing time leading to unparalleled fractional.




Dynamic Mode completely eliminates the checkerboard look of other CO2 systems and provides clinicians with a more comfortable operation by allowing the user to ‘Air Brush’ the energy. Whether you are treating large areas or just feathering to eliminate demarcation lines, Dynamic Mode provides your patients with a more natural look.



Static Mode allows for traditional ‘Stamping’ which allows users to treat scanned areas of 18 x 18 mm with selectable density options to enable precise delivery of laser energy without the need for multiple passes other systems require.


From ultra-deep to superficial ablation, the eCO2 has the features you need to address a broad range of clinical conditions. The ultra-fast quick change tips come in a choice of three spot sizes, 120, 300 and 500 μm, allowing you on-the-fly customized treatments. The eCO2’s tip auto-recognition feature automatically changes treatment settings to adjust for the change in spot size. Combined together, the advanced technology, quick-change tips and safety features ensure the ultimate control for the best outcomes.

120 µm Spot Size


  • Scars

  • Deep Wrinkles

  • Tightening

300 µm Spot Size


  • Large Pores

  • Skin Texture

  • Luminosity

300 µm Spot Size


  • Large Pores

  • Skin Texture

  • Luminosity

TThe eCO2 sets itself apart from the
competition with ultra deep ablation
depths. eCO2 is proven to deliver up
to 2.4 mm of ablation depth.



eCO2 PLUS includes the 0.2 mm-1.0 mm zoom handpiece for incisional & excisional surgical procedures to fully ablative skin resurfacing needs.


With the ability to control your thermal damage, you can further adjust and customize treatments to your patient’s needs.

ZOOM Handpiece

  • Beam size: 0.2 mm - 1.0 mm

Two optional incisional handpieces are also available:

F50 Micro Handpiece
• Beam size: 500 µm

F100 Standard Handpiece
• Beam size:  1000 µm



  • Patients are attracted to low risk, minimal downtime treatments


  • Controlled Chaos Technology creates pseudo-random microwound patterns to minimize heat build-up, minimize downtime, increase safety and maximize patient comfort


  • Ergonomic and compact design


  • Proven reliability


  • Easily adjust treatment parameters through intuitive and user-friendly interface


  • Capable of delivering fractional, full field ablative, incisional and excisional laser treatments


  • Two energy delivery modes (dynamic and static) further increase versatility and control over outcomes


  • No consumables reduces operating cost and improves ROI

Cynosure Smart Skin Plus CO2 Laser

Improve skin and reduce wrinkles, all with one workstation

Highly-customizable and cost-effective, our innovative Smartskin+ full-featured CO2 workstation provides your patients with resurfacing treatments for smoother texture, a more even, youthful tone, and dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Smarkstkin+ is used to reduce deep wrinkles, dyschromia, and advanced photoaging.

SmartSkin+ is the choice for discerning physicians who wish to give patients the best outcome for the downtime required. Its shorter downtime period (re-epithelization at day 2-3), minimal bleeding, pain and wound care, can produce the desired result in just one treatment.

CO2 Fractional Key Laser Machine K106


Key-106+ is a CO2 laser beauty instrument. CO2 laser is used to scan the dot matrix to output the laser, each laser point is composed of one or more high-energy laser pulses. The action point of laser can reach the dermal layer, as thin as hair, arranged in a square of the laser beam can penetrate to the dermis, instant gasification damaged skin tissue, and stimulate collagen synthesis potent, which leads to a series of skin tissue repair, collagen rearrangement reaction, so as to restore luster and elasticity, supple skin.

Mainly for the local and overall skin, repair skin photoaging, improve uneven skin, large pores, rough skin, skin relaxation, especially suitable for various kinds of scars and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and tattoos, color spot, and the use of a variety of nevus, hemangioma of any part of the surface.

1, the machine uses the coherent Inc. (COHERENT), 2 good RF tube closed so the gas leakage possibility is very small production of RF tube, not easy to damage 3, RF tube frequency can be very high up to 5000hz-20000hz, used to make fine surgery is very good, the general glass tube is less than the 1200Hz 4, RF life is very long, almost do not need to change the free service, using 5 RF tube scanning from the relatively small, round, can more effectively reach the dermis, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, skin to restore the optical stability faster 6, RF tube is very good, the polarizing probability is very small, the stability of the whole machine 7, beautiful appearance, advanced technology, will be the essential instrument instead of IPL 8, this machine uses a 8.4 inch color touch screen and XP operating system, equipped with a soft keyboard Can enter the patient’s medical record number, convenient for doctors to store parameters. 9, the use of scanning to improve, a variety of graphics for your choice, to adapt to various parts. 10, different density, for different symptoms. Different energy, can penetrate the skin at different depths, the formation damage in the micro column and the surrounding skin, no bleeding, no carbonization, so do not form carbide point in the epidermis, so does not affect the normal work, no need to rest after operation.

 图片34.png K9proLED_05.jpg 图片41.png 图片44.png

Ellman Cortex Laser CO2 Fractional

Ellman Cortex™ is the practical solution for your clients’ skin resurfacing needs.


The  Cortex™ dual wavelength complete skin resurfacing workstation provides the ultimate value to your practice.

Only the Cortex System provides access to both ablative wavelengths most often used for laser skin resurfacing: CO2 for deep, effective resurfacing for remarkable outcomes, and Erbium YAG for superficial resurfacing, an effective alternative to peels. No other system provides the flexibility of treating patients using CO2, Erbium or both.

“The dual heads (both Erbium and CO2) and the pricing of the Cortex System were very compelling. So far, I have found it intuitively easy to operate. Patients are very comfortable post-procedure, and the recovery is pretty easy, which is a big plus.”
—Dr. Heidi Worth, MD
Surgical Capability
The included surgical handpiece provides small,precise excisions with excellent hemostasis.

No Disposables
Ellman Cortex has the lowest cost of ownership of any equivalent device in the industry, including the value pricing of the unit itself and low service costs.


Erbium YAG (superficial resurfacing)

– Superficial Skin Resurfacing
– Fine Lines & Wrinkles
– Micro-Laser Peels

The Er:YAG wavelength (2940nm) can generally be used without anaesthesia and on regions of the body that cannot be treated safely by many other resurfacing protocols, such as the back of the hands and peri-orbital areas.

Flexible Delivery of Energy
The lightweight ergonomic handpiece means less operator fatigue and less device repositioning to reach target areas.

High Repetition Rates (up to 10Hz) & Multiple Spot Sizes
High repetition rates allow faster treatments and quicker turnaround of the treatment room. The available spot sizes include 1.5, 3, and 6mm.

CO2 Fractional (deep resurfacing)

– Moderate Lines & Wrinkles
– Benign Pigmented Lesions & Dyschromia
– Acne Scars
– Skin Texture Flaws
– Deep Skin Resurfacing


Fractional Treatment Modality
Treatment with Sandstone™ Cortex™ fosters faster healing (shorter downtime) than traditional CO2 fully ablative treatments with equivalent, remarkable results.

Versatile Scanner
Choose from five shapes and six density options for 13–95% coverage. The 150 micron spot size enables treatment depths from 100–750 microns.

Flexible Treatment Options
Flexible treatment options allow treatment of a wide variety of conditions, from a small area of persistent dyschromia to a full-face resurfacing, and from deep perioral lines to fine periocular wrinkles.


CO2 Laser System Eraser C
System Specification
Laser TypeCO2 Laser Tube
Beam ModeTEM00
Wavelength10,600 nm
Output Power RangeContinuous Wave : 1~30 W
PLS Mode : 1~30 W
Super Pulse : 1~7 W
Operation ModeC.W Mode
Power : 1~30 W
Super Pulse Mode Power : 1~7 W

PLS Mode
Pulse Width : 200~500 μs
Repeat Time
Repeat Time : 5 ~ 100 Hz
Spot Size< 0.2mm
Aiming Beam SourceWavelength 650nm / Output 5mW
Articulated Arm7-joint Articulated ARM
Cooling SystemWater Cooling
Input PowerAC 220 V, 50~60 Hz
Power consumption450VA
Humidity45~75 %
Atmospheric pressure700~1,060 hPa
Dimension369,5(W) x 319.5(L) x 1,085(H) mm
Weight41.1 Kg
JEISYS EDGE ONE Surgical laser

Clean Precision Laser Beam from
the High-Peak Power CO2 LASER

The Spectral absorption of water on a wavelength of 10,600
nanometers enables CO2 surgical laser to cut, vaporize and
coagulate tissue by adjusting Power Density and Energy Level.

Edge one - product

More Precisive, More Safe

CO2 laser pulse ? edge one

Edge Pulse of Edge ONE™ conveys energy to the depth of skin and can generate a very narrow ablation zone to form the extent of thermal diffusion limited to the surrounding tissue.

Limited extend of thermal diffusion reduces the pain at time of treatment and the forming of scar after treatment

A variety of spot sizes
Much detailed spot size of 120 μm, and wide coverage of 800 μm with fast wound healing time by various beam pattern of heat delivery method.
Various beam pattern
  • Flexible approach to various application.
  • Prevents heat diffusion to surrounding normal tissues by managing space between
Each micro laser beam
co2 laser beam pattern ? edge one

Fractional Mode

Support treating localized skin lesion and tissue incision by Surgical Tip.

Each micro laser beam
co2 laser beam pattern ? edge one

Surgical Mode

A laser Beam becomes powerful as well as being highly concentrated for the interaction with tissue. The outstanding precision by the ultra pulse of Edge ONE™ specially makes the laser beam very accurate without damaging the surrounding tissue and it can also be applied to a very small lesions less than 1 millimeter.

Co2 laser Surgical tip? edge one

  • Co2 laser Surgical tip? edge one[Surgical Mode]
  • Co2 laser Fractional tip ? edge one[Fractional mode]
  • Co2 laser vaginal tip ? edge one
Zemits Quidion - Diode Laser For Hair Removal (Zemits Quidion)

Product Description

The latest generation of 1200W High Powerdiode laser from Zemits with QDC ® technology

⭐️ 808 nm wavelength

⭐️ Dual cooling system with dynamic temperature control

⭐️ Simple and convenient customer records system directly from the interface of the device. Now it's even easier to manage customer records.

⭐️ Large touch screen with manual and SMART settings with ready-made protocols. The device contains the most suitable parameters for treatment - settings are done in 2 swipes.

⭐️ Intelligent diagnostics system ZM-Save protects the system from failures and overheating.

⭐️ The Unique Diode Laser with an updated control system - greatly simplify the work with clients and improve the results after treatments.

Zemits Quidion - Diode Laser For Hair Removal
Alma Soprano Titanium Ultimate Hair Removal Solution


Ice-plus contact - cooling for continuous cooling of the skin during treatments. The temperature can be controlled by the user for optimal comfort. A pain free comfortable patient experience. 

Dual connector - for easy of use and less fuss. This enables to user to have two different applicators connected at exactly the same time. 

Smart clinic - to help maximise business and potential. The feature offers access to live data from the treatments to look at applicators and productively during real time. 

3D technology - offering the three most effective wavelengths for hair removal in one hand-piece

SHR - a virtually pain free hair-removal process used for all skin types and hair types 


Powerful melanin absorption. 

The Alexandrite 755 nm wavelength is ideal for targeting most hair types and most colours but is especially great for the lighter and thinner hairs . The Alexandrite wavelength is known to target the bulb of hair follicle in particular. 


A powerful quick treatment applicator that offers deep penetration of the hair follicle. This deep penetration of the hair follicle mens it targets the dermal papilla. The 810nm wavelengths has a moderate melanin absorption making it safer to sue on darker skin. 


This is moderate absorption by melanin making it is the ideal wavelength for darker skin tones. The 1064 nm wavelength is also the deepest penetrating of the wavelength into the hair follicle and targets both the bulb and papilla. 


Ability to deliver all 3 wavelengths in one handpiece. 


Disposable hygiene tip - designed for treatment of those intimate areas. 

Facial Tip - Designed to easily treat areas that are sometimes difficult to access such as around the nostrils 

Alma Soprano Titanium Ultimate Hair Removal Solution
Zemits Light Expert 2.0 IPL Laser Machine

Zemits Light Expert 2.0

Zemits introduces an advanced IPL system, based on the power of electrical and light optical synergy. One unique system combines several safe treatments for perfect results:

  1. Permanent hair removal
  2. Skin Rejuvenation
  3. Wrinkle Reduction
  4. Pigmentation Removal
  5. Acne Therapy
  6. Vascular lesions

About IPL Technology

IPL is a type of intensive, broadband, coherent light source which has a wavelength spectrum of 430nm-1200nm. With these special properties, the IPL has a wide application in non-ablative therapies based on the theory of human skin tissue's selective absorption and photothermolysis of light sources. IPL treatment is more effective, with no downtime and allows patients to recover more quickly than conventional therapies.
The IPL system works on the basis of selective thermolysis. E-light, as the name implies, is a concentrated amount of light energy that is produced by a Xenon flash lamp in the broad spectrum of 400 to 1200 nm. Different types of filters can be attached to the unit to limit the wavelength / spectrum of the intense pulsed light.
Though this device does not generate significant thermal energy as compared to lasers, it does produce sufficient thermal energy and when coupled with proper filtering and proper technique, is a very powerful tool for the aesthetician in his or her practice. This unique nature of the IPL Treatment System allows for no down time and allows the patient to resume work immediately following treatment.

Treatment Range

430nm~1200nm: Acne and pigment removal;
  1. 530nm~1200nm: Freckles, vascular lesions and facial blemish removal
  2. 590nm~1200nm: Photorejuvenation
  3. 640nm~1200nm: Hair removal
  4. 480nm~1200nm: Acne and pigment removal
  5. 750nm~1200nm: Hair removal
Advantages of IPL Treatment:
  • Non-ablative
  • Pain-free
  • Simple and quick treatment
  • No down time post treatment

Parameter Principles:

  1. Wavelength: Refers to the spectrum of light emitted by the xenon flash lamp (between 400 to 1200 nm).
  2. Fluence: The intensity or level of power emitted by the flash lamp measured in joules/ cm2. Generally, the greater the fluence, the greater amount of light and heat is produced.
  3. Number of pulses: The energy of each pulse can be divided into two, three or five pulses. This method of treatment prevents epidermal burns by allowing the target chromophores to cool between pulses.
  4. Pulse width: The duration of light exposure measured in nanometers (ms). This is the duration of time that the target chromophores absorb filtered light energy from the xenon flash lamp.
  5. Pulse delay: The duration between pulse widths measured in ms. This is the interval between pulse widths when the target chromophores are not exposed to the E-light. The pulse delay allows the target chromophores to remain heated and the surrounding epidermis to cool down before exposure to the next intense pulsed light.

Treatment of Vascular Lesions & Acne

The target chromophore for vascular lesions is hemoglobin. The light absorbed by hemoglobin is converted to heat therapy effectively cauterizing the endothelial walls of capillaries.
There are three end results of treatment.
1) disappearance of capillaries.
2) decrease in diameter of the capillaries
3) coagulation of the blood vessels from a red to a reddish brown or purple color. Avoid over treating an area as it may lead to blister formation.

Hair Removal

Using the 640nm – 1200nm filter maximizes the selective targeting of melanin pigments in the hair strand. Light absorbed by the melanin in the hair is converted to heat and effectively destroys the hair follicle. The principle of selective photothermolysis takes advantage of the amount of pigment found in hair. The greater the amount of pigment, the more effective the treatment. The broad spectrum of light is transmitted through an applicator. Cut-off filters selectively filter out lower wavelengths, especially potentially damaging ultraviolet light, and change the range of wavelengths targeting specific chromophores. Chromophores absorb light and are heated to destruction. The technology enables effective hair reduction with a 540 nm cut-off filter. This wavelength (spectrum 540 nm and up) is perfect for absorbing by melanin in the hair follicle. The high energy is transformed into heat inside the cell, that burns and destroys the undesired follicles and prevents future hair growth. An average number of treatments for permanent hair reduction is 5-12, in some cases up to 20 treatments.

Photorejuvenation & Deep Scars

Collagen effectively absorbs the 560nm-1200nm spectrum of light. This results in selective thermolysis of collagen resulting in heating and contraction of collagen bundles.An amazing combination of Radiofrequency and IPL Light therapy in one treatment provides deep and effective skin rejuvenation and anti- aging effects. It works best against loose and sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. IPL with Radiofrequency is comfortable treatment, that helps achieve rejuvenating effects on the face.
Results after Light Expert Treatment
Zemits Light Expert 2.0 IPL Laser Machine
Coolite BOLT High Power Diode Laser

Coolite Bolt

– High Power Diode Laser Platform –

● 1500W High Power, Lightning-fast Treatment

● 3 Combined Wavelengths

● 2 Years, Unlimited Shots Warranty

● Ultra Short Pulse Technology

● Powerful Cooling Engine


The new Coolite BOLT is a high power diode laser platform, which equips with triple wavelengths and larger spot size handle. Coolite BOLT adopts Ultra Short Pulse and High Peak Power, delivering short pulses to destroy hair follicle with lightning fast speed. Patented Dual Cooling Engine design enables durable working, protecting the skin surface from burning risk and making the treatment unparalleled comfortable and virtually pain free.


3 Combined Wavelengths, Larger Spot Size

Except for the 810nm handle, the new Trio handle combines 755/810/1064nm wavelength into a single hand­piece. It releases triple wavelength laser simultaneously to target different depth of hair follicle. The benifit of 3 wavelengths are utilized for optimum coverage and penetration to reach a ultimate hair removal result. The enlarged spot size achieves faster treatment and saves operators’ time.

Intuitive User Interface with Preset Parameters 

Fast mode is preset with clinically proved parameters for different body parts. Free mode is designed for profes­sionals to choose accurate parameters for different patients. Intuitive and user friendly interface make it easy to operate.

1800W High Power, Lightning-fast Treatment

With 1800W high power, Coolite BOLT xs delivers Ultra Short Pulse to heat hair follicle uniformly to an optimal temperature in very short time without heating the epidermis. It provides maximum safety, comfort and efficiency without side effects.

2 Years, Unlimited Shots Warranty

The premium quality laser generator, which is anti-condensation, dust proof and water proof, offers 2 years unlim­ited shots warranty. Reliable investment. No consumables.

Powerful Cooling Engines, Durable Working

Powerful cooling engine and sapphire touch cooling system minimize the burning risk on skin surface , while mam­taining the heat within dermis where hair follicles are treated. Powerful Cooling Engine design enables the machine with 12 hours non-stop working.

Before & After

Technical Specifications

Coolite BOLT High Power Diode Laser
Alma Legato II Fractional RF Skin Resurfacing Laser

Total Scars Solution

Legato II combines fractional ablation with Alma’s IMPACTTM skin barrier breakthrough solution to effectively treat scars, stretch marks and various skin imperfections- with minimal downtime.

The second-generation Legato II features interchangeable tips that allow practitioners to determine the precise level of ablation and thermal effect, while minimizing patient discomfort. IMPACT offers a breakthrough method of trans-epidermal delivery, allowing topical ingredients to penetrate the dermal-epidermal junction and reach deeper skin tissue for further treatment.

Legato II is appropriate for use on all skin types including dark and sensitive skin, making it an ideal method for scar removal and skin repair with excellent clinical outcomes.

• Combined technologies for optimal results
• Clinically proven treatment solution
• Minimal downtime
• Quick treatment
• Minimal downtime & Side Effects
• Suitable for all skin types

Alma lasers PixelCO2 Laser

Advanced technology with maximum versatility for dermatology & aesthetic procedures

The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser has been known to provide some of the most dramatic, age-defying results in the treatment of challenging skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity, as well as in scar treatment, skin tags and benign tumors.

Using the power of the CO2 laser, the optimal mix of ablative and thermal effects and an array of applicators and treatment modes for highly tailored procedures, Alma’s Pixel CO2 brings unparalleled precision and innovation to the field of dermatology and plastic surgery.

Alma Pixel CO2 is a highly flexible system for char-free tissue ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue. It allows physicians full control of treatment parameters, including level and depth of ablation and thermal control via pulse duration and mode of energy delivery. This versatility maximizes precision and treatment results while minimizing unnecessary tissue damage.

Benefits of Pixel CO2 laser by Alma:

• Multiple dermatological and cosmetic surgery indications
• Versatile applicators for targeted procedures
• Adjustable treatment patterns
• Exclusive non-ablative mode
• Unique Pixel technology
• Safe for delicate areas
• Precise&Fast treatment
• Versatile for high ROI


The CO2 laser uses a 10,600nm wavelength, which is ideal for collagen matrix renewal and an optimal choice for treating an extensive range of dermatological issues. The CO2 laser has the ability to perform efficient, highly precise fractional and non-fractional laser treatments using the widest assortment of advanced applicators.


Modes of Operation

The CO2 laser system offers 4 modes of energy delivery:

1. CW Mode (Continuous Wave):
Emits one continuous and consistent laser energy, typically used for excision or cutting.
2. Pulse Mode (Single pulse):
Produces a single pulse of laser energy for more supervised and accurate energy delivery.
3. Repeat Mode:
Produces a series of either short or long pulses of laser energy at variable speeds.
4. Super Pulse Mode:
Super pulse mode provides the highest peak power with the shortest pulse duration, enabling the deepest penetration with minimal residual thermal damage. This mode is designed for performing ablation without inflammation and achieves highly effective results with minimal downtime and enhanced patient comfort.

The Fractional Laser Method

Unlike traditional ablative laser resurfacing which removes the entire top layer of the skin, Alma Pixel CO2 deploys a fractional delivery method which creates pixel-sized perforations in the skin, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The preservation of undamaged skin between the perforations allows for faster healing while the wound healing process promotes accelerated re-epithelization, generation of new collagen, tissue regeneration and contracture of existing fibers.

Fractional treatment controls and significantly reduces the risk of adverse side effects such as delayed hypopigmentation, scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, infection and persistent erythema. Patients also benefit from much shorter downtime and increased patient comfort compared to traditional resurfacing.
The fractional method is ideal for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments, including scar treatment,
improving skin tone, elasticity and texture and reducing superficial pigmentation

Applicators and Delivery Systems

A full range of treatment-specific applicators

Focus Applicators

Cut & Coagulate with perfect control, ideal for surgical applications

Alma’s Focus applicators combine cutting and coagulation into a single setting.
Both work synergistically, allowing physicians to perform both actions without having to switch applicators or parameters during procedures.
In “cut” (ablation) mode, short pulses emit high peak power, causing immediate ablation of tissue. In “coagulation” (thermal) mode, a longer pulse emits low to modest power, generating heat, which causes blood vessels and tissue to shrink. This sequential-action pulse allows physicians to achieve optimal tissue incision or excision cutting with minimal bleeding as well as reduced patient downtime. Fixed focus applicators of the two spot sizes allow for precise and accurate soft tissue cutting.

Pixel Applicator

High thermal effect, short downtime, ideal for wrinkles and skin tightening

The Pixel CO2 laser energy to the skin through a DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) which
pixelates the beam to either 49 or 81 pixels, creating simultaneous microscopic columns of micro-ablative damage. The energy is delivered
in a square pattern with an 11x11mm spot size.
This unique technology approach enables the use of much higher energy levels via longer pulse durations, creating a greater coagulation and thermal effect with minimal ablation and significantly less patient downtime.
The deep thermal effect of the Pixel applicator makes it ideal for skin rejuvenation, treating fin lines and wrinkles.

iPixel Roller

Pixel roller for fast, ablative treatments – ideal for larger areas

The iPixel roller releases a 7 sequential laser pixel beams as it is rolled across the skin, enabling fast treatment of large areas. The movement of the roller triggers a high power laser pulse, channeled into a horizontal line of seven evenly-spaced thermal and ablative channels.
The treatment achieves effective tissue remodeling and skin resurfacing with the benefit of faster healing time associated with the fractional treatment method. It is ideal for skin rejuvenation and treating skin pigmentation in larger areas.


Versatile fractional scanner for efficient ablative procedures, ideal for skin texture and pigmentation

LiteScan is a handheld microprocessor-controlled laser scanner for char-free ablative procedures that allows for rapid coverage of large areas. It is designed for use in a variety of dermatological, cosmetic and surgical applications. Multiple scanning options are available including square or circle, in a spiral, grid or circumferential pattern as well as straight or curved lines.
LiteScan optimizes treatment efficacy by providing higher energy output per pixel in shorter pulses for ablative procedures. The galvanometric scanning motor delivers energy more quickly per scanning area than the CO2 focus applicators, for faster and more efficient coverage of large surface areas.


Non-ablative laser with zero downtime, for skin tightening

The new and uniquely designed SkinTight applicator is a CO2 probe created specifically for skin tightening. It features a large, 6mm spot size and uses a defocused low fluence laser beam to gently heat tissue without ablation; effectively heating the dermal layer and triggering neocollagenesis. Energy is applied to the skin without contact and is suitable for treating fine lines, wrinkles and for skin tightening of the face, neck and dיcolletי.

TrueSpotTM applicator

TruSpot micromanipulator features an integrated high-accuracy scanner that allows for precise CO2 laser surgical applications under direct microscopic guidance for the allowing applications:

  • CIN
  • VIN
  • Polyp removal
  • Cervical dysplasia
  • Condyloma
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