Bon Perseus Specular Microscope, NEW


b o n PERSEUS Specular Microscope

Non-contact examination, auto-alignment and automatic vertices-based analysis of the endothelium layer within a few seconds, makes working with the Perseus smart, professional and accurate.

Friendly user interface: the examination is performed via very user-friendly touch screen alignment.

Wide measurement area: the wide measurement area makes it possible to count up to 300 cells (average value on normal eyes) and enables the analysis software to get a reliable cell density along with the analysis of cell size and shape.

Minimum light, maximum comfort: Perseus ensures maximum patient comfort due to the low intensity the light source.

Seven measurement areas: images can be taken at 7 positions (single centre position and six peripheral points).

Pachymetry: non-contact pachymetry is performed on every acquisition

High magnification during analysis makes it possible to zoom into the image seeing the limit of each cell in detail.
This enables the user, via touch screen navigation, to edit individual cells.

Software features: the intuitive software evaluates all relevant endothelium data such as

Number of counted cells
Cell density (number of cells per 1 mm2)
Average dimension of analysed cells
Standard deviation of analysed cell dimension
Coefficient of variation
Statistical distribution of sizes (polymegathism) and shapes (pleomorphism)

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