DJI Matrice 30T Enterprise Drone (Plus Combo)


Designed for commercial and first responder use in harsh conditions, the Matrice 30T Enterprise Drone Plus Combo from DJI can withstand water, dirt, dust, wind, and extreme temperatures from -4 up to 122°F. Combine that with built-in redundancies and backup systems for flight control and signal transmission, and the Matrice 30T is a drone you can count on for important projects and missions. During these flights, you have access to a wide-angle, zoom, and thermal camera that covers a wide variety of video and still image recording tasks.

When used for creative projects, you can push the 52 mph maximum speed of the Matrice 30T for capturing fast-paced action, or elevate it up to 4.4 miles in the sky to record majestic B-roll, both at up to 4K30 resolution. Each camera has its own unique properties you can take advantage of. The 12MP wide-angle lens offers an 84° field of view, while the 48MP zoom can get up close with a 5-16x optical zoom and a 200x hybrid zoom. During industrial or first responder flights, the thermal camera can be essential in finding individuals during search and rescue missions or detecting potentially hazardous conditions on inspection flights.

Unlimited Free Replacements
Unlimited free replacements for drones are provided with DJI Care Enterprise. Please note that for each replacement, a fee equivalent to the damage assessment cost for the original product is deducted from the coverage amount.
Accidental Damage Protection
Fly fearlessly with DJI Care Enterprise and replace your aircraft even if it is water damaged. Replacement units are also provided for crash and collision damage, signal interference, and other accidents caused by user error.
Free 2-Way Shipping
DJI covers all the shipping costs with DJI Care Enterprise, ensuring an optimal experience. Please note that this service is only available in the region covered by DJI Care Enterprise. Shipping costs and customs clearance fees generated outside the covered region are not covered by DJI.
Unlimited Sharing Coverage for Your Whole Fleet
Minimize your risk and simplify your workflow with one account to protect your entire fleet. With shared coverage across an entire fleet, an unlimited number of products can be bought, activated, and bound to your DJI Care Enterprise account, increasing your total coverage and peace of mind.

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