Newcon Optik NVS-9 3rd Gen Autogated Aviator NVD Binocular

Newcon Optik NVS-9 3rd Gen Autogated Aviator NVD Binocular

The NVS-9 3rd Gen Autogated Aviator NVD Binocular from Newcon Optik features an autogated 3rd generation intensifier with 64 lp/mm resolution. The optical system offers a 27mm focal length lens, a 40° angular field of view, a 10" minimum focus, a 25mm eye relief, and -5 to +2 dioptric adjustment. When compared to 1st generation and 2nd generation intensifier tubes, the 3rd generation intensifier tubes offers the highest image resolution and brightness.

This binocular allows aviators to navigate in low light conditions during takeoff, landing, and performing other tasks that are otherwise difficult in low light conditions. The binocular is compatible with aviator and other helmets with compatible mounting plates. The mounting system allows a wide range of motion to permit comfortable wearing. The battery compartment cap, diopter ring, and focusing ring are knurled to ensure comfortable slip-free adjustments even when wearing gloves. Also included are a padded soft carry case, a helmet mount, a lanyard, four AA batteries, two battery cartridges, a battery pack, objective and ocular lens covers, lens tissue, a screwdriver, and a counterweight.

  • 3rd generation intensifier tube
  • Image resolution: 64 lp/mm
  • Autogated
  • SNR: 24
Optical Performance
  • Main unit magnification: 1x
  • Lens system: f/1.23, 27mm
  • Field of view: 40°
  • Close focus: 10"
  • Interpupillary adjustments
  • Diopter adjustment: -5 to +2
  • Eye relief: 25mm
Construction Details
  • Compatible with helmets or headgear with compatible mounting plate
  • Mounting system allows vertical, tilt, lateral, and interpupillary adjustments as well as flip-up
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Knurled knobs and focusing rings
  • Model: Newcon Optik NVS-9 3rd Gen Autogated Aviator NVD Binocular

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