OPTOPOL PTS 2000 Automated Perimeter


This is where the ergonomic design meets the needs of modern visual field evaluation. Performing everything from a fast screening evaluation to manually controlled kinetic perimetry is easier than previously. OPTOPOL PTS 2000 Automated Perimeter brings to one of the world’s biggest field testing ranges and options, together with all Goldman stimulation sizes and stimulation colors used in perimetry. Together with the modern and intuitive software, all that is available at your fingertips.

The PTS automatic perimeter series are modern diagnostic tools for exact and fast testing of visual fields. Beside standard perimetry testing techniques, they employ all the latest visual field testing approaches saving time and provide cutting-edge precision and dependability.


  • Windows 10 Operating System for ease-of-use and support 
  • DICOM and EMR and wireless printing capability – standard 
  • All PTS perimeters have the peripheral testing capability 
  • Blue LED band around the unit to provide ambient light to the operator and patient 
  • Optional data transfer for your existing HFA perimeter 
  • Comprehensive 2 – year warranty on all units sold for a limited time 
  • Full Featured Projection Perimeter 
  • Kinetic Testing 
  • Blue/Yellow and Color Testing 
  • Fast Threshold Testing 
  • Statistical Analysis Package 
  • DICOM and EMR Compatible 
  • Wireless Network Printing 
  • Windows 10 Operating System 
  • Gaze Tracking 
  • Blink Monitoring 
  • Electronic Chin Rest 
  • Binocular Esterman Testing 
  • Peripheral Testing out to 180 Degrees 
  • LED Projection Source vs. Halogen 
  • The PTS automated perimeters are state-of-the-art 
  • diagnostic instruments for precise and fast testing of visual 
  • fields. They go beyond standard perimetry testing 
  • techniques to implement all of the latest visual field testings 
  • approaches, saving time and delivering cutting edge 
  • precision and reliability. Intuitive Windows-based software 
  • with powerful networking and EMR integration, combined 
  • with maintenance free and reliable hardware, creates the 
  • best tools available for visual field testing. 


  • Complete set of standard perimetry tests.
  • Variety of threshold algorithms and screening techniques.
  • Binocular Driver’s Test, Flicker perimetry and Blue on Yellow.
  • The complete palette of analysis tools for quick and thorough assessment of visual fields.
  • Comparison and progression module available in standard package.
  • Kinetic testing for quick evaluation of peripheral field loss.
  • Standard test reports and global indices.
  • Automatic and manual kinetic perimetry.
  • 180° horizontal and 130° vertical testing range for peripheral screening.
  • Aspherical bowl for compact dimensions.
  • All Goldmann stimuli sizes and colors used in perimetry.
  • 30-2, 24-2, and 10-2 testing fields.


  • Advanced Threshold strategy – quicker examination without loss in result resolution.
  • 24-2/24A field tested in less than 3 minutes (30-2/30A in less than 4 minutes)*.
  • Provides more detailed information than screening strategies in comparable duration.


  • High-resolution camera for precise monitoring of patients’ compliance.
  • Blink control – no stimuli are omitted due to normal blinking, the test is put on hold until the eye is opened again.
  • Eye tracking – analyses pupil movement and assures supreme reliability of test results.
  • Voice messages assist operator and patient during the examination.


  • Rich library of predefined test fields and programs.
  • Custom test settings can be stored and accessed with a single touch.
  • Follow-up tests can be performed by simple selection of base examination.
  • Partial test results of not completed test can be continued at a later date.
  • Built-in networking features – data can be accessed from anywhere within your network.
  • Out of the box DICOM support.
  • Storing visual field reports on the DICOM image server.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist support.
  • GDT interface and custom EMR’s based on text file interface. 

depends on the patient condition

NEW Optopol PTS 2000 PERIMETER – Upgrade your HFA with a new, full-featured projection perimeter running Windows 10 PRO with full networking, DICOM, etc. and a two-year warranty for over $10,000.00 less than comparable units! Third generation perimeter manufactured in Europe with exclusive sales. Full HFA data transfer and HFA trade-in program available!

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