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ImageWorks Panoura X-Era Panoramic and 3D CBCT Imaging System (With Acquisition PC) (Panoura X-Era Panoramic and 3D CBCT)


ImageWorks Panoura X-Era Panoramic and 3D CBCT Imaging System (With Acquisition PC)
CONDITION: New, Model 9992451000
0.2 mm focal spot (smallest in the industry)
16 bit sensor (highest in the industry)
Direct Conversion sensor
Manufactured in Japan
Clip FMX from Panoramic
Easy to Use and a Great Price
Integrates with all Major Software
Multiple Fields of View from 6 cm x 4 cm up to 16 cm x 8 cm
Ideal for all applications including Endo, Implants and Airway
Gorgeous Image quality at all levels
Low dosage mode emits less radiation than a traditional intraoral FMX exam
Front-viewing patient positioning
Ceph model has option of dedicated ceph sensor
360 degree rotation
Intuitive interface means less training and no mistakes
Simple positioning also enhances patient comfort
Integrates with all Major Software

Philips Ultrasound Epiq Elite Advanced Ultrasound
nSIGHT Imaging

nSIGHT Imaging

Far surpasses conventional ultrasound performance to reach new levels of definition and clarity. Incorporating a custom multi-stage precision beamformer along with massiveparallel processing, this proprietary architecture captures an enormous amount of acoustic data from each transmit operation and performs digital beam reconstruction along with mathematically optimized focal processing. This creates extraordinary real-time images with exceptional frame rate, uniformity and penetration.
FlexVue with Orthogonal View

FlexVue with Orthogonal View

95% of OB/GYN users surveyed* feel, FlexVue and Orthogonal View, improves their workflow and 85% say it enhances their diagnostic confidence as well.


85% of OB/GYN users surveyed*, feel MFI HD, with its ultrasensitive blood flow imaging, enhances their diagnostic confidence.
24" HD MAX display

24" HD MAX display

This new immersive 24” display monitor offers the ultimate ultrasound visualization experience, with an ultra-wide color gamut of 10-bit color depth that uses billions of colors for accurate color reproduction. In addition, it provides high-contrast dynamic range and enhanced black levels for subtle delineation of grayscale values. HD MAX features superb off-angle viewing for visualization of clinical images throughout the scanning room.
XRES Pro, the next-generation image processing

XRES Pro, the next-generation image processing

At real-time frame rates, XRES Pro uses multi-parametric precision filters that subdivide image elements, analyze this data and then apply advanced algorithms to sharpen borders and interfaces and provide superb tissue conspicuity. XRES Pro also offers enhanced assessment of plaque morphology. XRES Pro allows you full adjustability to match the level of enhancement to clinical imaging requirements for elevated diagnostic confidence with virtually all patients.
MicroFlow Imaging

MicroFlow Imaging

Designed to detect slow and weak blood flow anatomy in tissue. This proprietary approach overcomes many of the barriers associated with conventional methods to detect small vessel blood flow with high resolution and minimal artifacts. MicroFlow Imaging maintains high frame rate and 2D image quality while applying advanced artifact reduction techniques to reveal small vessel anatomy
PureWave & xMATRIX transducer technology

PureWave & xMATRIX transducer technology

The power of PureWave for exceptional imaging even on technically difficult patients. PureWave crystal technology represents the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer material in 40 years. The pure, uniform crystals of PureWave have virtually perfect uniformity for greater bandwidth and twice the efficiency of conventional ceramic materials.
xMATRIX transducers, powerful and versatile

xMATRIX transducers, powerful and versatile

No other premium ultrasound solution can run xMATRIX, the comprehensive suite of the world’s most innovative ultrasound transducers. Achieve ultra-thin 2D slices. Use Live xPlane imaging to create two full-resolution planes simultaneously, allowing you to capture twice as much clinical information in the same amount of time. Acquire near-isovoxel resolution to reveal images from any plane within the volume.
Anatomically Intelligent ultrasound - machine intelligence for faster more reproducible analysis

Anatomically Intelligent ultrasound - machine intelligence for faster more reproducible analysis

At the heart of the powerful EPIQ Elite architecture is our Philips exclusive Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS), designed to elevate the ultrasound system from a passive to an actively adaptive device. With advanced organ modeling, image slicing, and proven quantification, exams are easy to perform, more reproducible, and deliver new levels of clinical information. Some examples of our AIUS capabilities include HeartModel, AI Breast and Auto-registration of image fusion and navigation.
Image Fusion and Navigation-Easy to use modality fusion and interventional guidance

Image Fusion and Navigation-Easy to use modality fusion and interventional guidance

Make confident decisions even in challenging diagnostic cases with fully integrated fusion capabilities that feature streamlined workflows to allow clinicians to achieve fast and effective fusion of CT/MR/PET with live ultrasound. By combining imaging modalities directly on the ultrasound system, you now have access to an even more powerful diagnostic tool with advanced visualization allowing for fast clinical decisions. Expand fusion and navigation capabilities through a range of transducers across applications, including the X6-1 xMATRIX, C5-1, C9-2, eL18-4, L12-5, C10-4ec, S5-1 and the new mC7-2.
Powerful system security - protecting sensitive patient data

Powerful system security - protecting sensitive patient data

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are spending more to protect their systems and patient data from cyber-attacks. That is why healthcare cybersecurity spending will exceed $65 billion over the next five years. Ultrasound devices are highly mobile and can exist in a wired or wireless environment. As a result, Philips has made security a high priority for ultrasound systems. The EPIQ Elite platform is built on Window 10 OS and features a powerful defense-in-depth principle and deliver an outstanding set of data security features comprising of five core layers.


The EPIQ Elite platform supports both strain and shear wave imaging methods of elastography. Highly sensitive strain imaging can be used to rapidly assess relative tissue stiffness values across a variety of applications. ElastQ Imaging methods of shear wave elastography use a unique pulsing scheme to generate and detect the propagation speed of shear waves, providing a quantitative display and measurement of tissue stiffness. ElastQ Imaging also provides a confidence map display to assist you in obtaining measurements from areas with the highest shear wave quality.


Common Specifications
  • 60.6 cm/ 23.9 in
  • 146-171.5 cm/ 57.5-67.5 in
  • 109.2 cm/ 43 in
  • 104.3 kg/ 230 lb without peripheral devices
Control panel
Monitor size
  • 24 inch / 60.96 cm HD display
Candela CO2RE laser

More info

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

The CO2RE by Syneron Candela is a fractional CO2 laser used for skin rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull skin tone and a thinned collagen layer of the face, neck, and chest.  The CO2RE features a unique dual laser wave that can be adjusted to penetrate the skin at both superficial and deep levels simultaneously.

CO2RE treatment is the best treatment if you wish to get the most results with one treatment and have the ability to take some time to heal (usually 7-14 days).  Having this treatment is like having multiple non-invasive treatments at once.   It is the best single treatment for advanced skin damage and wrinkling.  It is also used to treat acne scarring and to improve the appearance of surgical scars and burns.

What is CO2RE?

The CO2RE is the latest generation fractional carbon dioxide laser system allowing resurfacing of the skin by removing layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method. The laser pulses are used to create microscopic holes in the skin.  This precise and controlled damage created by the laser induces the body to initiate natural healing processes, leading to new and healthy skin.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The CO2RE is an in-office procedure that requires pre and post-treatment medications and strict adherence to post-procedure guidelines to ensure proper healing and comfort during the procedure.   Discomfort varies on the depth of the treatment.  For your comfort, we may apply a topical anesthetic or inject a local anesthetic to help reduce discomfort.  Over the counter pain relievers may be taken in the days after the procedure to alleviate any residual discomfort.

What to expect after CO2RE Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing treatment?

Immediately following the procedure you can expect a sensation similar to a sunburn, lasting several hours.  You can expect swelling and peeling of dead skin from the treatment areas.  This is a natural exfoliation process that may last 7-10 days.   Strict adherence to post-operative guidelines is important for optimal healing.  The use of a moisturizer and sunscreen is important during the healing process and for the weeks and months following treatment. You will see a significant improvement within a month that will continue for 4-6 months.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically one CO2RE laser treatment is recommended.  Occasionally, in an area that cannot be treated aggressively, additional treatments might be required.  For more advanced signs of aging, such as deeper wrinkles, or severe skin laxity, two or three treatments may be required to achieve the best result.  Multiple treatments might also be required for the treatment of acne scarring, surgical scarring, or burns.

Hasselblad H6D-100c Medium Format DSLR Camera (H6D-100c)

Bringing well-rounded shooting capabilities to the medium format realm, the Hasselblad H6D-100c revolves around an impressive 100MP 53.4 x 40mm CMOS sensor to produce high-resolution stills as well as UHD 4K video. Making use of the CMOS design, this sensor affords a wide sensitivity range of ISO 64-12800, along with 16-bit color depth and a dynamic range of up to 15 stops to maintain notable detail and quality when working in the most difficult of lighting conditions. Coupled with an enhanced electronic platform with faster processing capabilities, continuous shooting speeds up to 1.5 fps are possible, as well as the ability to shoot both UHD 4K and Full HD video at 30 fps in the Hasselblad RAW format. Now suitable for multimedia image-makers, the H6D maintains its exceptional stills recording capabilities and adds versatile video recording abilities to its skill-set.

Beyond imaging, the H6D also sports improved connectivity with the inclusion of a USB 3.0 Type-C connector for fast 5 Gbps transfer speeds and more fluid tethered shooting performance. The back itself incorporates a bright, clear 3.0" 920k-dot touchscreen LCD monitor for live view shooting and intuitive settings control, and a Mini HDMI port is available for working with larger external monitors. In-camera saving is possible via dual memory cards slots—one CFast slot and one SD slot—and files can also be saved remotely when shooting tethered over USB 3.0. Built-in Wi-Fi can also be used in conjunction with iOS devices running the Phocus Mobile app, which permits wireless remote control of the camera as well as the ability to preview imagery and browse files.

100MP CMOS Sensor
Revolving around a large 100MP CMOS sensor, measuring 53.4 x 40.0mm, the H6D-100c is capable of capturing an extremely wide dynamic range of up to 15 stops along with vivid 16-bit color depth. When combined with the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, tonal transitions and skin tones show immense depth, detail, and clarity for lifelike image quality, even in dark shadow and bright highlight regions. To suit working in a variety of lighting conditions, a sensitivity range of ISO 64-12800 is available, and still files are saved in the Hasselblad 3FR raw file format.
Updated Electronic Platform
An improved electronic processing platform offers quicker performance throughout the camera system, along with more flexible connectivity options. A continuous shooting rate of up to 1.5 fps is available, along with an expanded buffer compared to previous H-series cameras for longer sustained shooting. This platform also expedites the handling of the large image sizes and permits recording both UHD and Full HD video.
UHD 4K and Full HD Video
In addition to high-resolution stills shooting, the H6D can also record both UHD 4K and Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps. Video can be saved in the proprietary Hasselblad RAW format, which can be converted to the edit-friendly Apple ProRes format using Phocus 3.0 software. Full HD video can also be saved in the H.264 compressed format for greater editing flexibility with a variety of software options.
System Design and Connectivity
  • Built-in 3.0" 920k-dot touchscreen LCD affords intuitive control over settings navigation and adjustment, and also permits bright, clear live view monitoring.
  • USB 3.0 Type-C connector offers transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps for quick and responsive tethered live view and stills capture.
  • In addition to tethered shooting, dual memory card slots are incorporated into the back for flexible storage capabilities. One CFast card can be used for fast read/write speeds, which are necessary for continuous shooting or UHD 4K video recording, and one SD slot is provided for backup storage and wide compatibility with existing cards and card readers.
  • Benefitting video applications, as well as working with the back on technical view cameras, a Mini HDMI port permits use of an optional external monitor for clear monitoring. Additional, audio in/out ports are provided for more flexible control over audio recording during video.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables working with an iOS mobile device and the Phocus Mobile app for remote camera control, wireless image previews, and file browsing.
  • Compatible with the updated range of HC and HCD lenses, which feature an improved leaf shutter unit for increased shutter and flash sync speeds of up to 1/2000 sec.
  • Designed within a modular system, the H6D is comprised of the digital back, camera body, and an included HVD 90x viewfinder. Beyond the included components, additional optional viewfinders, film backs, and other accessories can also be used in conjunction with the digital back or the H6D body.
  • Phocus 3.0 is a free image processing software that complements the H6D's capabilities, and enables raw file processing for both stills and video, as well as a range of editing capabilities, including automatic moiré detection and the ability to work with adjustment layers for applying exposure, white balance, and color corrections.
Lens MountHasselblad H
Sensor ResolutionEffective: 100 Megapixel (11,600 x 8700)
Sensor Type53.4 x 40 mm (Medium Format) CMOS
Image StabilizationNone
Mirror Lock-UpYes
Capture TypeStills & Video
Exposure Control
Shutter TypeLeaf Shutter
Shutter Speed1/2000 to 60 Minutes
ISO Sensitivity64 to 12,800
Metering Range2 to 21 EV (Spot)
1 to 21 EV (Center-Weighted Average)
1 to 21 EV (Center Spot)
Continuous ShootingUp to 1.5 fps
Still Image Capture
Image File FormatRaw
Bit Depth16-Bit
Internal Video Capture
Recording ModesH.264
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 29.97p
Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 29.97p
Broadcast OutputNTSC
External Video Capture
External Recording ModesHDMI
Full HD (1920 x 1080)
IP StreamingNone
Media/Memory Card SlotSlot 1: CFast
Video I/O1 x Mini-HDMI Output
Audio I/O1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Headphone Output
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Microphone Input
Power I/O1 x DC Input
Other I/O1 x USB Type-C (USB 3.2 / 3.1 Gen 1) Data Output
1 x Hasselblad Cord H Input
1 x 2.5 mm Sub-Mini FlashSync Input
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm FlashSync Output
Global Positioning (GPS, GLONASS, etc.)None
Resolution920,000 Dot
Display TypeFixed Touchscreen LCD
Secondary DisplayTop: Status Display
TypeBuilt-In Electronic (LCD)
MagnificationApprox. 2.7x
Diopter Adjustment-5 to +3.5
Focus TypeAuto and Manual Focus
Autofocus Sensitivity1 to +19 EV
Built-In FlashYes
Guide Number39.4' / 12 m
Maximum Sync SpeedNone
Flash Compensation-3 to +3 EV
Dedicated Flash SystemTTL
External Flash ConnectionHot Shoe, PC Terminal
Operating Temperature14 to 113°F / -10 to 45°C
Battery Type1 x 3200 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Grip, 7.2 VDC, 3200 mAh
Tripod Mounting Thread1 x 1/4"-20 Female (Bottom)
1 x 3/8"-16 Female (Bottom)
Accessory Mount1 x Hot Shoe Mount
Material of ConstructionSteel, Aluminum
Dimensions (W x H x D)6 x 5.2 x 4.8" / 153 x 131 x 122 mm (Without Protrusions)
Weight3.6 lb / 1633 g (With Battery, Recording Media)
Packaging Info
Package Weight8 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)12 x 11.6 x 7.5"
Computerized Electrophysiology Device Tomey EP-1000 Pro, NEW

Computerized Electrophysiology Device Tomey EP-1000 Pro, NEW!

The EP-1000 Pro is the essence of 10 years experience of developing electrophysiology instruments. It is an ISCEV conform electrophysiology diagnostic device in a compact shape. Standard examinations are: ERG, VEP, EOG, PERG and SWEEP VEP.

The examination procedure is automated and the easy-to-use program steps will guide you through the complete examination. That makes it possible to delegate this kind of examination to assistants. The EP-1000 Pro workstation provides full com-
puterized control of electrophysiology testing and data management.

Switching to a flash stimulated examination will automatically occlude the integrated monitor of the Ganzfeld dome. Selecting of pattern stimulation automatically opens the occlusion. These filters are automatically inserted upon respective program selection. Thus it represents the second level of EP-1000 Pro evolution.

Sony VPL-FHZ91L/B 9000-Lumen WUXGA Laser 3LCD Projector (Black, No Lens)

Enjoy bright, high-contrast images in classrooms, meeting rooms, museums, and entertainment venues with the black Sony VPL-FHZ91L/B 9000-Lumen WUXGA Laser 3LCD Projector. Its 9000 lumens of brightness and virtually infinite dynamic contrast ratio work together to overcome light in relatively bright rooms and provide detail in dark areas of the image. It sports a 3LCD display system with a 1920 x 1200 WUXGA native resolution for viewing HD video and detailed pictures or data. The projector uses separately available lenses that provide a range of throw distances and zoom values to meet the needs of various installation settings.

The VPL-FHZ91L/B features HDBaseT, VGA, DVI-D, 5BNC, and HDMI inputs for connecting to nearly any source, as well as a VGA output for passing video through the projector to another projector or display. The projector is controllable by various popular control systems via HDBaseT, RS-232, or the included remote control.

Designed to Provide Bright Image in Large Venues
The 9000-lumen brightness output helps ensure big-screen presentations with extra presence, even in brightly lit rooms.
Reality Creation Technology
Image quality is boosted by Sony's Reality Creation technology, which uses a pattern-matching database to optimize lower-resolution images, enhancing clarity without increasing digital picture noise.
Designed for Fast, Simple Setup
Sony's Intelligent Setting function is engineered to simplify installation with presets to optimize brightness, cooling, color, and other projector settings to provide clear images in nearly any environment, including meeting rooms, classrooms, museums, entertainment venues, and multi-screen setups.
Flexible Installation
With lens shift adjustment and a variety of interchangeable lens options, you can install the projector in nearly any space, including classrooms and halls with high ceilings. A short-throw lens is also available for positioning the projector close to the screen to avoid ceiling-mounted obstructions.
Reduced Maintenance Design
The laser light source provides up to 20,000 hours of operation without lamp replacement, reducing maintenance needs when compared to lamp-based projectors. Brightness is also maintained through the light source's lifespan.
Networked Control and Monitoring
The VPL-FHZ91L/B is suitable for integration in A/V environments with popular control, monitoring, and management systems like Crestron Connected and Extron XTP Systems.
Edge Blending
Seamlessly join color-matched images from multiple projectors for super-sized displays in corporate and education environments.
Lens Shift
Enjoy enhanced projector position flexibility thanks to the generous lens shift range.
Designed to Blend In
The projector features a flat-top surface to help it discreetly blend into nearly any space when it's mounted to the ceiling.
Lens Position Memory
Store and recall up to six settings for projected image size, position, and aspect ratio, saving time in different environments. This feature exclusively works with the VPLL-Z4111 lens option.
Designed for Easy Lens Swapping
A variety of lens options let you customize the projector to suit virtually any size room and throw requirements. A quick-release bayonet mount helps simplify lens exchange.
Additional Features
  • BrightEra LCD panels
  • Powered or manual focus and zoom, depending on lens used
  • 10,000-hour maximum filter replacement cycle
  • Infinite dynamic contrast ratio
  • Meets 100% of the sRGB color space in sRGB Mode
  • Up to ±30° of horizontal and vertical keystone correction, depending on lens used
  • Slot for optional BKM-PJ20 3G-SDI input adapter
  • HTML viewer
  • Automatic standby mode activates after approximately two minutes
Hematology Analyzer Sysmex XP300
Sysmex XP-300™ Automated Hematology Analyzer
​Results You Can Trust!​

With its simplified operation, the XP-300 is an ideal hematology analyzer for a clinic satellite laboratory. It provides a CBC with 8 reportable parameters and 3-part WBC Differential, which includes an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC). The results include histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT. The system provides a high level of accuracy through the use of automatic floating discriminators. Built on reliable Sysmex technology, it features a simple start-up menu and single button selection for sampling and daily maintenance with a compact, space-saving design.

Reliability, Accuracy and Simplicity

  • Same direct current detection method as Sysmex high-end systems to provide accurate, comparable results
  • Minimal training required
  • Simple menus
  • Push button technology
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable reagents
  • Reliable hardware and results
  • Network capability via your LIS

Simple, Compact and Reliable

ParametersWhole blood mode: 8 parameters with 3-part Differential
HistogramWBC, RBC, PLT
Throughput60 samples/hour (max.)
Sample VolumeWhole blood mode: 50 µL
Data Storage40,000 complete sample results with histograms
Whole Blood LinearityWBC: 1.0 - 99.9 x 103/µL
RBC: 0.30 - 7.00 x 106/µL
HGB: 0.1 - 25 g/dL
HCT: 10 - 60%
PLT: 10 - 999 x 103/µL
Dimensions / Weight
(w x h x d) [inches]
16.5 x 19 x 14 / 66 lbs
Mutoh ValueJet 426UF Printer (ValueJet 426UF Printer)

Product Description


Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF 19″ tabletop, UV-LED, printer is the perfect fit for any print shop looking to expand its applications and enter the world of UV printing.

The VJ 426UF prints on a variety of materials, including 3D objects, up to 2.75 inches thick, with Mutoh’s 100% solid UV-LED ink. Print limitless promotional items including: pens, phone cases, golf balls, awards and much more. With up to six color capability, including white and varnish ink, and Smart Printing technologies, such as Intelligent Interweave print technique, virtually eliminating banding, the ValueJet 426UF is the ideal choice for any print shop.



  • 19 x 13 inch printer
  • Energy efficient UV-LED ink
  • CMYK + White and Varnish
  • Print directly on a variety of substrates up to 2.75 inches thick
  • Small footprint, table top printer
  • All-in-one CD for easy one step installation
  • Vacuum table
  • One year on-site limited warranty
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